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ROSAL company

Company ROSAL is engaged in manufacture of aluminium moulding since 1999. Foundry manufacture of the enterprise has the high-efficiency equipment. Our company can make up to 100 tons of aluminium moulding a month. Into our specialization enters: moulding of aluminium, hermetic sealing of porosity, laser is sharp metal, heat treatment.


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Moulding of aluminium 

Foundry manufacture Rosal allows to make any production of aluminium: spare parts, frying pans, details of art moulding, etc. We make more than 300 names of products from aluminium in weight from 0,1 up to 47,5 kg. We offer serial moulding details from aluminium under your drawings. On our manufacture foundry machines A711A08 for moulding aluminium under pressure are established. We spend quality assurance of moulding together with laboratories.

The order of moulding

To open the order for aluminium moulding in our company it is possible by phone: +7(4852) 59-97-37, 59-97-39 or by e-mail info@rosal76.ru